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Keeping Your Teeth Pearly White after a Whitening Treatment

woman getting a teeth whitening procedure

A bright, beautiful smile is always in fashion and always looks more youthful. GLO Teeth Whitening takes the modern science of teeth whitening to a whole new level. If you recently opted for this innovative whitening method in our Monroe Township dental office, you probably enjoy your new look and want to keep it that way. 

Keeping your teeth white after treatment may take some adjustment to your lifestyle and habits, but they are well worth the extra effort.

  • Rinse your mouth after drinking coffee, tea, or red wine
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco use (let us know if you want help to quit)
  • Brush teeth after eating staining foods like blueberries, curry, or kale
  • Consider ...

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5 Steps to Whiter Teeth

Teeth Whitening | Monroe Township NJ

With summer just around the corner, there are weddings, reunions, vacations, and graduations to attend! You may want to consider giving your look a quick boost, and whitening your teeth is a great way to do this.

There are also some helpful things to do at home to keep your dazzling smile bright. Here are 5 steps you can take to achieve whiter teeth.

Use a Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpastes can help give your smile a boost or protect your teeth after they've been brightened professionally. Ask your dentist which whitening toothpaste they recommend for you as not all are created equal.

Avoid Certain Foods and Beverages

There are certain foods and drinks that can ...

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