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What You Need to Know about Adult Orthodontics

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If you’re not happy with the way your teeth look, you may have assumed that braces are out of the question. After all, not many adults or older teens are willing to have traditional metal braces on their teeth for several years. But adults are choosing orthodontics in Monroe Township, NJ more than ever using the proven Invisalign system.

Here’s what to know if you’re considering straightening your smile without metal!

Invisalign Is Discreet and Convenient

Since you’d rather not field numerous comments about your mouth while fixing your smile, an “invisible” clear aligner system is invaluable for your busy life. Invisalign clear aligner trays are undetectable, giving you a distraction-free smile.

Invisalign clear ...

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Caring for Your Invisalign Aligners

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If you have been living with crooked or misaligned teeth but as an adult do not relish the thought of two or more years of metal wires and brackets, you should consider Invisalign. Because Invisalign straightens teeth using clear plastic aligners rather than wires and brackets, it’s a great option for older teens and adults.

You might be wondering about the Invisalign plastic aligners and how to care for them so you can get the most out of treatment. Our Monroe Township, NJ dental practice makes the following recommendations to our patients who opt for Invisalign to straighten their smile.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Treatment

There is a certain ...

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Orthodontics—It’s Not Just for Teenagers Anymore

If you are an adult who did not have braces when you were an adolescent or teen, you might have resigned yourself to having misaligned teeth for the rest of your life. But the good news is that there are orthodontics options available at our Monroe Township, NJ dental practice that fit the adult lifestyle.

Invisalign straightens teeth using clear plastic aligners rather than traditional wires and brackets. From social events to professional meetings, adults can feel confident with clear plastic aligners that are virtually invisible—even to someone sitting directly across from you.

Invisalign Has Many Advantages

Not only does Invisalign use nearly invisible plastic aligners to straighten teeth, but those opting ...

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Our Orthodontic Options – And How to Know Which One Is Right for You

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We want you to know that if you are dissatisfied with the current alignment of your teeth, there are multiple orthodontic options available at Monroe Dental Arts.

Orthodontia is a separate branch of the dental field, and orthodontic treatment options allow dentists such as Dr. Virdee to address and solve dental complaints in creative ways not otherwise available through traditional cosmetic dentistry treatment.


Invisalign continues to grow in popularity with our Monroe Township patients due to its versatility and discreet appearance. Unlike traditional metal braces, which are placed permanently on teeth until the complete set of braces is ready to be removed, Invisalign treatment is achieved through individual trays that are both ...

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Never Too Old for a Straight Smile

Straight Smile | monroe township NJ dentist

So many more orthodontic options are available to patients today than just a few decades ago. If you are one of the adults who were not lucky enough to have had braces when you were a kid or if you didn’t wear your retainer and had orthodontic relapse, it's important to know that opting for orthodontic treatment as an adult no longer means brackets and wires.

A straight smile is a healthier smile because properly aligned teeth mean improved comfort, easier care, and fewer jaw issues. You are also less likely to develop a clenching and grinding habit when your teeth come together properly.

Not to mention that a straight smile can ...

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What Are the Most Common Conditions Treated with Orthodontics?

Common Conditions Treated with Orthodontics | Monroe Dental Arts

When patients think of orthodontics, they often consider straightening their teeth as a purely cosmetic procedure. Often, however, misaligned teeth can negatively impact your oral health by causing pain or sensitivity from a misaligned bite, decay because of overlapping teeth, and even difficulty speaking or eating properly. Of course, a straight smile is often more attractive, too!

We are a family practice, but we also offer orthodontics in our Monroe Township, NJ dental office. Here are some of the most common conditions we treat using Invisalign:

Closing gaps between teeth

– Teeth with large gaps can impact how you feel about the way you look and make it difficult to speak properly. ...

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Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatments

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When you think of orthodontics, you probably think of simply getting straighter teeth to have a nicer looking smile. However, this treatment actually provides many health benefits in addition to getting the smile you've always wanted. Here at Monroe Dental Arts, we offer Invisalign treatment for those looking to make improvements to the alignment of their smile.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

  • Corrected bite: It's common for patients who have misaligned teeth to also have a misaligned bite. This can lead to seriously jaw complications over time, like TMJ, that require much more extensive treatments. Bite issues can be painful, so having the problem fixed via braces is a great choice to ...

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