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The Advantages of Wearing a Custom Mouthguard

kid wearing football helmet with custom mouthguard

Teeth are at risk every day, but possibly more so for our adventurous and competitive patients! We love sports and activities that help kids and adults stay fit and happy, but we do recommend some common sense caution, such as wearing a custom mouthguard, which we offer in our Monroe Township dental office.

Advantages of Custom Mouthguards

You can certainly purchase a kit to make your own mouthguard at home, but these boil-and-bite styles are often difficult to fit and don’t stay in place. Custom mouthguards are fitted to your teeth for a slim, close design that makes sure they are providing the protection you need when you need it, like avoiding ...

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Custom Mouthguards

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Most dental emergencies happen when playing sports or doing other outdoor activities. This is often because people are not using the appropriate form of protection to avoid damage to the teeth and mouth. Though most sports require the use of a mouth guard, store bought mouthguards may not be providing enough protection to stop trauma-caused tooth loss and breakage. This is why at Monroe Dental Art we offer custom mouth guards to ensure that teeth are protected during these rough activities.

Why Custom Mouth Guards?

  1. They won’t fall out - Store bought mouth guards offer your teeth some protection when hit in the mouth, but because they are not fitted properly, ...

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