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Thinking of Skipping Your Dental Exam? Here's Why That's a Bad Idea

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If your teeth feel fine and you haven’t had problems in a while, you might feel tempted to skip your dental exam. After all, schedules are busy these days, and it’s tough to make time for everything. We know it is not always easy to fit everyone in your family’s necessary dental care into your daily routine. We offer Saturday hours to make this easier to juggle work and school with dental appointments.

If you are thinking of skipping your dental exam with your Monroe Township, NJ dentist, here are some reasons why it is a bad idea.

Dental Conditions Don’t Always Have Symptoms

Often problems with teeth and gums do not have ...

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5 Ways Tobacco Use Affects Your Oral Health

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Anyone who has ever smoked knows that it is a tough habit to break. Not only do people become addicted to the nicotine in tobacco products, but you may also have an emotional or habitual dependence on tobacco and the many additives found in cigarettes or chewing tobacco.

Tobacco Use Causes Dry Mouth

Smoking and chewing tobacco decreases the production of saliva in your mouth, which can increase your chances of developing decay and periodontal disease. Dry mouth also leads to bad breath and feels uncomfortable.

Tobacco Use Leads to Gum Disease

Exposure to tobacco smoke or chew can lead to gum disease. When you use tobacco, it decreases saliva production and also exposes ...

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Have You Fallen for These Oral Health Myths?

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So many dental myths have lasted throughout the years that it’s hard to know what to believe! If you’re in need of a Monroe, NJ dentist to help you stay healthy and smiling, we welcome you to Monroe Dental Arts, where we always accept new patients.

Here are three common oral health myths that many people mistakenly take as truth.

Myth #1 Rinse Teeth Immediately After Brushing

It’s part of the routine, right? Brush teeth and then follow with a thorough rinse to top it off. Unfortunately, this could be counteracting the positive effects of using fluoride toothpaste.

Rinsing immediately after brushing your teeth rinses away fluoride. It’s best to skip the rinsing!

Myth #2 ...

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Considering Skipping a Dental Checkup? Here's What Could Happen

Dental Exam and Cleaning | Monroe Township NJ Dentist

It could be tempting to put off your next dental appointment because of busy schedules, limited funds, or because you have avoided dental appointments and feel embarrassed about your oral health. 

Skipping dental appointments may lead to some serious consequences.

Risking More Complex Treatments

Postponing routine dental appointments allows small dental conditions to develop into big ones. Since most oral health conditions are silent and do not show symptoms until they are well advanced, you might not be aware that anything is happening.

A small filling could lead to an infected tooth and root canal therapy in the future. Routine dental x-rays and exams help us stay on top of changes in your oral ...

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The Importance of a Non-Judgmental Dental Office

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If you are looking for a dentist in Monroe Township, NJ, but you are feeling a little sheepish because you have missed a few dental appointments, put your mind at ease. When you visit Monroe Dental Arts, we will never make you feel bad for taking the first step toward healing your smile and protecting your health.

Dr. Har Simran Virdee is both compassionate and kind. She will help you refocus your attention to achieving optimum oral health so that you can enjoy better overall wellness. Making patients feel bad or guilty for their dental conditions is never part of our plan.

Putting Off Dental Treatment Is Costly

Putting off or ...

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Choosing the Right Mouthwash

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If you have been thinking about adding mouthwash to your oral health care routine, you have probably discovered there are a lot of choices available. It is important to realize that there are differences among mouthwashes and the benefits they provide do vary. There some that provide anti-cavity benefits, whereas others are primarily used to freshen breath. When it comes to choosing the right mouthwash for you, it is a matter of not only taste preference, but it also depends on the needs of your teeth and gums.

Let’s take a look at the different mouthwashes available, and find out what your dentist in Monroe Township NJ might recommend.

Mouthwashes ...

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What is Gum Disease?

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Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, is the inflammation of the gums, which affects the support system of the teeth. This condition is typically categorized by severity; gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. Your experience will vary depending on your unique condition development and severity.  Some of the signs of gum disease are: 

  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding with normal oral care
  • Receding gums
  • Tenderness
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Red gums
  • Loose teeth

How is Gum Disease Treated?

Periodontal disease is typically treated with deep cleanings which remove plaque from the teeth completely. These periodontal cleanings are often needed regularly depending on far the condition has progressed. In some cases, medication is used to supplement these ...

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