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Do you Need a Root Canal? These Signs Point to Yes

Root Canals | Monroe Township NJ Dentist

Certain dental procedures have a bad reputation; a root canal is usually one of them.

Root canals are actually an incredibly useful procedure that can save your tooth and prevent a dental extraction. Not all tooth pain leads to a root canal appointment, but when combined with some other symptoms, a root canal is often the recommended course of action.

Today’s root canal procedures are more comfortable than in the past because of our knowledge and use of advanced anesthetic techniques. We will never begin working on a tooth until it is completely numb.

Here are some signs and symptoms of an infected nerve that may benefit from root canal therapy:

Swelling and Pain

Inflammation often ...

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Why Do I Need a Filling?

dental fillings monroe township nj | monroe township nj dentist

Dental fillings are one of the most common procedures today. Tooth decay is a normal occurrence for many people, and fillings are the treatment used to treat the less severe stages of decay. 

Tooth Decay and Fillings

Some people are more likely to experience tooth decay based on their diet, and even their genes. However, one of the ways to get a higher risk of cavities is to miss your regular dental appointments, or not keeping up with your at-home care. Simply put, you can't do everything needed to stay healthy at home, and your regular cleanings and exams help to prevent any issues from forming. 

Tooth decay occurs when sugars on the ...

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