GLO™ Science Teeth Whitening in Monroe Township NJ

A brighter smile adds confidence in everything you do, both personally and professionally and can help you make a great first impression. A white smile sends the message of good oral health and attention to detail when it comes to how you look. After all, your smile is an accessory that you wear every day!

What Makes GLO™ Teeth Whitening Different?

One of the things that keeps patients from whitening their teeth is sensitivity, which is common with traditional teeth whitening methods. Sensitivity often occurs when whitening gel comes into contact with teeth and gums for an extended period of time.

GLO™ Science shortens treatment times by integrating light activation, reducing the amount of time treatment takes. This results in a shade improvement of up to five shades and makes treatment more convenient and comfortable.

Applying a Gingival Barrier

With GLO™ teeth whitening, we use an effective gingival barrier, meaning that you will apply protective gel to your gums, covering them completely and then harden it with a curing light to keep it in place. This step is unique to the GLO™ system and ensures that your delicate gum tissue remains protected throughout your appointment.

Whitening Gel and Light Activation

Next, you place a retractor inside your mouth to avoid contact with the professional whitening gel and apply the gel to your teeth. You'll place the light activator mouthpiece inside your mouth and set it for eight minutes. It will turn off on its own.

Take-Home Maintenance with GLO™ Science

One of the most attractive features for our patients is that you can actually take this innovative system home with you to continue the whitening process and for future touch-ups. Your hands-free GLO™ system is identical to the one we use in our office and comes with enough whitening gel for forty applications.

Investing in the GLO™ Science teeth whitening system means that you can enjoy a consistently white smile, comfortably.

Would You Like a Whiter Smile?

Contact our Monroe Township, NJ dental office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Virdee to discover if GLO™ whitening can give you a whiter smile that makes you feel great about the way you look!  You can also see our teeth whitening FAQ page.