Minor Surgical Services in Monroe Township, NJ

oral surgery | monroe township nj Dr. H.K. Virdee received additional training on certain types of surgical procedures such as extractions and bone grafting. She provides these services in the convenience of our Monroe Township dental office and can perform most of the procedures comfortably and safely in our office. If she thinks you will be more comfortable at an oral surgeon’s office, however, she will recommend one of our trusted oral surgeons in the area, maintaining communication with the referring doctor so that you receive excellent continuity of care.

Simple Extractions

Extractions are not our first choice in treating dental problems, but they are sometimes necessary to help you avoid pain or systemic infections. Simple extractions are necessary, in the event that your tooth becomes damaged, infected, or severely decayed beyond the point where we can restore it. Simple extractions are for erupted teeth (above the gum line) and are not complex in nature.

Dr. Virdee will make sure you are numb first and then she will gently loosen your tooth from your gums and lift it out. She will help you with post-operative instructions to ensure quick and thorough healing.

Surgical Extractions in 08831

Surgical extractions are necessary for wisdom teeth that need removal and for other conditions where your tooth has not yet erupted or has only partially erupted through your gums. While an incision is necessary for surgical extractions, it does not necessarily mean you will experience more pain. When cared for properly, your mouth heals very quickly.

Dr. Virdee is skilled at surgical extractions and will keep you comfortable for your entire procedure. She will always communicate with you so that you know what to expect. Follow-up appointments will help her monitor your recovery.

Bone Grafting for Implants

In order to place implants successfully, having enough bone is essential. Because we place implants directly into your jawbone so they can integrate and stabilize, we need to make sure you have dense bone thick enough to provide your implant’s foundation. In some cases, patients do not have enough bone for implants. Thanks to bone grafting, we can build up your bone so you can have the implants you want.

Bone grafting works by taking donor bone and placing it in the area where we need to reinforce it for your implant. Donor bone comes from organ donors, is laboratory generated, or can come from bovine sources. Each type is completely sterilized for your safety. In most cases, though, we can use your own bone from another area. Once we place the donor bone, we allow time for it to heal and integrate with your existing bone before we place the implant.

Once you have had time to heal, we can place your implant and restore the appearance and function of your smile.

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If you need a surgical procedure, don’t put it off. At Monroe Dental Arts, our team is compassionate and dedicated to your health. Dr. H.K. Virdee will provide gentle and effective surgical procedures to help promote your dental health.  We've also answered some popular questions on our Minor Surgical Services FAQ page.