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Teeth Damaging Foods

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Even people who have impeccable dental hygiene habits can still experience problems with their oral health. Some of the foods you eat can be contributors in tooth decay, staining, and chipping. While you can still consume most of these items, it is best to do so in moderation, though your dentist will be able to give you more information on specific foods to avoid depending on your situation.

Foods That Cause Damage to Your Teeth

  • Ice – While it is not a food, there are a lot of people that chew ice. Not only can the cold cause your teeth to become sensitive, chewing on hard foods like ice can cause your ...

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Custom Mouthguards

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Most dental emergencies happen when playing sports or doing other outdoor activities. This is often because people are not using the appropriate form of protection to avoid damage to the teeth and mouth. Though most sports require the use of a mouth guard, store bought mouthguards may not be providing enough protection to stop trauma-caused tooth loss and breakage. This is why at Monroe Dental Art we offer custom mouth guards to ensure that teeth are protected during these rough activities.

Why Custom Mouth Guards?

  1. They won’t fall out - Store bought mouth guards offer your teeth some protection when hit in the mouth, but because they are not fitted properly, ...

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Bruxism and Nightguards

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Many people grind their teeth at night and don’t even realize they are doing it. Prolonged grinding and clenching can cause major damage to your teeth and jaw, so if you believe you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep, you may want to speak with your dentist about a nightguard. At Monroe Dental Arts, we speak to each of our patients about the symptoms of grinding, or bruxism, so we can detect it early before it becomes problematic.

Signs of Bruxism

While there may not be any early signs of clenching and grinding when it comes to your teeth, there are still symptoms to look for. Most often, people will ...

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Minor Surgical Services

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When you are looking for a new dentist, it is important to keep in mind the services they offer. While most dental practices will offer several general dentistry procedures such as cleanings, root canals, and cosmetic dentistry, the more they do, they more efficient they will be at providing you with the best care. Which is why Dr. Har Simran K. Virdee continues her education and training in specialized dentistry and modern treatments. At Monroe Dental Arts, we offer minor surgical services so our patients don’t need to go anywhere else for their dental needs.

Minor Surgical Services

  • Simple Extractions – Though most dental concerns can be treated without the ...

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