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Our Orthodontic Options – And How to Know Which One Is Right for You

Invisalign | Monroe Dental Arts

We want you to know that if you are dissatisfied with the current alignment of your teeth, there are multiple orthodontic options available at Monroe Dental Arts.

Orthodontia is a separate branch of the dental field, and orthodontic treatment options allow dentists such as Dr. Virdee to address and solve dental complaints in creative ways not otherwise available through traditional cosmetic dentistry treatment.


Invisalign continues to grow in popularity with our Monroe Township patients due to its versatility and discreet appearance. Unlike traditional metal braces, which are placed permanently on teeth until the complete set of braces is ready to be removed, Invisalign treatment is achieved through individual trays that are both ...

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Why Did We Recommend a Nightguard for You?

nightguard | man who can't sleep

We make all of our recommendations for treatment based on the individual needs of our patients. We offer nightguards in our Monroe township dental office to provide a preventive solution to some common problems.

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

When you have a comprehensive exam in our dental office, we examine the entire mouth. Some telltale signs might indicate that you could benefit from a nightguard.

  • Bite marks on the inside of the mouth
  • Worn teeth that look short
  • Bony growths beneath the tongue
  • Broken and cracked teeth

Prolonged bruxism can lead to a condition called TMJ disorder. TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint, and when it works overtime, the joints may begin to malfunction, deteriorate, or become painful. ...

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The Advantages of Wearing a Custom Mouthguard

kid wearing football helmet with custom mouthguard

Teeth are at risk every day, but possibly more so for our adventurous and competitive patients! We love sports and activities that help kids and adults stay fit and happy, but we do recommend some common sense caution, such as wearing a custom mouthguard, which we offer in our Monroe Township dental office.

Advantages of Custom Mouthguards

You can certainly purchase a kit to make your own mouthguard at home, but these boil-and-bite styles are often difficult to fit and don’t stay in place. Custom mouthguards are fitted to your teeth for a slim, close design that makes sure they are providing the protection you need when you need it, like avoiding ...

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Keeping Your Teeth Pearly White after a Whitening Treatment

woman getting a teeth whitening procedure

A bright, beautiful smile is always in fashion and always looks more youthful. GLO Teeth Whitening takes the modern science of teeth whitening to a whole new level. If you recently opted for this innovative whitening method in our Monroe Township dental office, you probably enjoy your new look and want to keep it that way. 

Keeping your teeth white after treatment may take some adjustment to your lifestyle and habits, but they are well worth the extra effort.

  • Rinse your mouth after drinking coffee, tea, or red wine
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco use (let us know if you want help to quit)
  • Brush teeth after eating staining foods like blueberries, curry, or kale
  • Consider ...

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Is it Time for a Smile Makeover? Consider These 3 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Options

cosmetic dentistry | porcelain veneers

Let’s face it, our teeth work hard for us every day, and they are exposed to constant force from chewing. If you grind your teeth, you might notice wear and damage happening much more rapidly.

Cosmetic dentistry in our Monroe Township, NJ dental office provides many options. Cosmetic dentistry is more affordable and easier than you might imagine.

Teeth Whitening

Easily our most popular cosmetic treatment, teeth whitening is a fast way to boost your appearance. Professional teeth whitening provides superior results to over-the-counter options, which can be unpredictable.

We Use GLO™ Science Teeth Whitening for our in-office whitening options. It uses a light-activated system that you get to take home to continue whitening. ...

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Make Sure You're Prepared for Oral Surgery These 5 Tips

man preparing for oral surgery

We want your oral surgery at our Monroe Township, NJ dental office to happen without complications and for healing to be comfortable for you. This is why we recommend a few steps to ensure success with your procedure.

1. Schedule a Preventive Exam First

Before performing surgery, it is a good idea to schedule a preventive dental appointment to rule out gum disease or decay. Bacteria inside the mouth can impact how your gums and bone heal. 

If you have periodontal disease, we may recommend treating that condition first, especially when placing dental implants or bone grafting.

2. Take Any Medication Required for Surgery

If you have been prescribed medication by your regular physician or ...

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Thinking of Skipping Your Dental Exam? Here's Why That's a Bad Idea

man getting dental exam | monroe dental arts

If your teeth feel fine and you haven’t had problems in a while, you might feel tempted to skip your dental exam. After all, schedules are busy these days, and it’s tough to make time for everything. We know it is not always easy to fit everyone in your family’s necessary dental care into your daily routine. We offer Saturday hours to make this easier to juggle work and school with dental appointments.

If you are thinking of skipping your dental exam with your Monroe Township, NJ dentist, here are some reasons why it is a bad idea.

Dental Conditions Don’t Always Have Symptoms

Often problems with teeth and gums do not have ...

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