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3 Steps We Take to Reassure Our Pediatric Patients

The foundation for good oral health is regular and consistent visits to your dentist every six months. Unfortunately, fear and anxiety often keep patients away from the dentist, and many report that their fear stems from a bad experience they had at the dental office during childhood.

3 Steps We Take to Reassure Our Pediatric Patients

Dr. Virdee understands this and makes every effort to give your child a pleasant and positive experience at our office. Here are 3 ways we reassure our pediatric patients.

Starting Early

We recommend that our pediatric patients have their first visit around their first birthday. Starting early helps them feel comfortable coming to our office and seeing the tools and instruments we use. This also gives us a chance to monitor their oral health and make you aware of any developmental concerns early on.

In-Depth Explanation of Procedures

We'll always take the time to explain what's happening to your child at their visit before moving on with any type of procedure. We do this in a positive manner that will help your child feel at ease. If they're not comfortable with something, we won't move on. It's that simple. We can always incorporate new aspects of their care into their next appointment. Their comfort is our top priority at Monroe Dental Arts.

Lead by Example

We encourage parents to brush and floss their own teeth with their child at home and bring their little ones to their dental appointments at our office. When kids see you brushing your teeth, they'll want to follow suit. Coming along to your dental cleanings and check-ups helps them feel comfortable and know that the dentist is not a scary place.

At Monroe Dental Arts, our entire team is dedicated to making your child's experience positive and upbeat! We look forward to building a life-long relationship with your child and helping them understand the impact that their oral health has on their overall health and well being.

If you're looking for excellent family dentistry in Monroe Township, NJ, give us a call to schedule your family's next appointments.

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