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3 Things You May Not Know About Dental Veneers

If you don’t like the look of your smile, did you know that you can have a perfectly straight, white smile after just a couple of visits to the dentist office? At our Monroe Township, NJ dental office, we take smiles from dull to dazzling through the artistry of dental veneers. Why hide your smile behind your hands or avoid showing it altogether when you can have a smile you love to show?

3 Things You May Not Know About Dental Veneers

Here are three things you may not know about dental veneers.

#1—Many Picture-Perfect Celebrity Smiles Are a Result of Dental Veneers

There is no shortage of beautiful smiles in Hollywood, and the truth is that many actors and actresses were not born with perfect smiles. Many have opted to undergo veneers placement to give them even, straight, white teeth.

#2—Dental Veneers Are Often Referred to as “Instant Orthodontics”

Veneers can hide a host of dental problems, including teeth that are misaligned. Rather than go through braces to straighten your teeth—a several-month or even several-year commitment to metal wires and brackets—you can simply camouflage them with veneers. A straight, even smile can be yours after just a couple of visits to the dentist—hence the term.

#3—You Can Get One or Many Veneers

If you have just one tooth that is damaged or stained, a dental veneer might offer an easy fix. Or, if you are unhappy with all of the teeth that show when you smile, you can opt for more. Veneers can hide teeth that are crooked, gapped, chipped, or otherwise imperfect.

Call Monroe Dental Arts to Learn More About Dental Veneers

You too can be one of the many Monroe Township, NJ patients who have smiles they love as a result of dental veneers. Call Dr. Virdee today to make an appointment for a consultation and find out if you are a good candidate!

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