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3 Tips for to Care for Veneers

Having a new, beautiful smile is exciting! Now that you have your porcelain veneers, you probably want them to last a long time. Caring for your teeth and dentistry is essential to smile success. We are here to share the best tips and practices for caring for your porcelain veneers.

3 Tips for to Care for Veneers

Practice Good Home Care

Your investment is important, so don’t let your home care slip. It’s important to practice good oral hygiene in between dental cleanings.

Brushing Your Teeth

If you are one of those people that quickly passes the toothbrush over your teeth, setting a timer for two minutes might be helpful to ensure your teeth are getting the care they need. If you have an electric toothbrush, many of them have a built-in timer.

You don’t have to use excessive force when brushing. It is the tips of the bristles that clean most effectively. If your toothbrush looks frayed, you are probably brushing too hard.

Angle the bristles at about 45 degrees to really tackle the plaque that collects at the gumline and don’t forget to brush the chewing surfaces of your teeth!

Flossing Is Important!

Flossing your teeth removes debris and plaque from between your teeth that can lead to gum disease and decay.

Floss both sides of your teeth and even behind your back teeth to get the most out of flossing. Think of your floss as a tooth squeegee.

Dental Exams and Cleanings

Most oral health issues are asymptomatic until they are well advanced. Regular dental exams and professional dental cleanings help keep you healthy and to identify any oral conditions early when they are less complex.

To learn more about dental veneers in Monroe Township, NJ, give us a call! Our Monroe Dental Arts team is here to help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.

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