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3 Ways to Support Your Kids in Developing Good Oral Hygiene

If you are a parent, you naturally want the very best for your child. Helping little ones develop healthy habits can pose a real challenge with everything else competing for their attention.

3 Ways to Support Your Kids in Developing Good Oral Hygiene

Here are some ways you can encourage your child to brush and floss regularly so they can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile – for a lifetime!

3 Ways to Support Your Kids in Developing Good Oral Hygiene

Dr. Simran Virdee is a reputable kids’ dentist here in Monroe Township, NJ and will work with parents to educate and interest kids in their own oral health.

#1 – Start Young

Developing good habits early in their life will mean that when your kids get older, they have a better chance of sticking to them. From the time your little one can hold a toothbrush, let them first brush on their own before you jump in to make sure they do a thorough job.

Your child will likely need help brushing and flossing until about the age of nine or ten when their dexterity improves.

#2 – Make It Fun!

Using toothbrushes and toothpaste designed just for kids can make brushing time fun. A wide variety of products makes the task of cleaning teeth seem like a fun game. Electric toothbrushes, flavored toothpaste, and fun timers to make sure they get their full two minutes of brushing time all contribute to keeping their attention.

#3 – Brush Your Teeth Together

Kids emulate their parents. By brushing your teeth together, they can see that you value your teeth and take care of them. Praise them when they do a good job and encourage them to start taking the lead once they are old enough.

For a family dentist who also offers kids’ dentistry, contact our Monroe Township dental office. We look forward to welcoming you to Monroe Dental Arts.

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