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Before the Tooth Fairy: Why Baby Teeth Matter

People often think of baby teeth as disposable since permanent teeth will replace them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Baby teeth, also called primary teeth, play an important role in your child’s health both today and for their adult smiles.

Before the Tooth Fairy: Why Baby Teeth Matter

Even though baby teeth will eventually fall out and permanent teeth will replace them, caring for them properly will support a healthy child – something that we are passionate about here at Monroe Dental Arts.

Support Speech Development

Baby teeth are essential in developing normal speech patterns. Extracting baby teeth prematurely may make it difficult for your child to properly form words as their vocabulary increases.

Eating a Healthy Diet

Keeping baby teeth healthy and comfortable makes it possible for children to eat a wide range of foods and develop their palates for a lifetime. Everything is new as a child and eating a wide variety of foods not only promotes a healthy body but also satisfies their natural curiosity about tastes and textures.

Guidance for Permanent Teeth

Primary teeth act as a placeholder for permanent teeth. They hold space for their permanent teeth and guide them into proper alignment. Losing baby teeth too early can result in overcrowding or overlapping teeth.

Improved Self-Confidence

Kids are honest, sometimes to the horror of their parents. Kids will often point out differences or focus on flaws while teasing and playing. If a child had dark, decayed, or missing teeth, they may feel self-conscious about smiling. When this occurs at a young, impressionable age, it can have a potentially negative impact on how they express themselves as adults.

For a kid’s dentist in Monroe Township, NJ who will prioritize your child’s smile at all life stages, give us a call! We welcome patients of all ages and love treating families.

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