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Have You Fallen for These Oral Health Myths?

So many dental myths have lasted throughout the years that it’s hard to know what to believe! If you’re in need of a Monroe, NJ dentist to help you stay healthy and smiling, we welcome you to Monroe Dental Arts, where we always accept new patients.

Have You Fallen for These Oral Health Myths?

Here are three common oral health myths that many people mistakenly take as truth.

Myth #1 Rinse Teeth Immediately After Brushing

It’s part of the routine, right? Brush teeth and then follow with a thorough rinse to top it off. Unfortunately, this could be counteracting the positive effects of using fluoride toothpaste.

Rinsing immediately after brushing your teeth rinses away fluoride. It’s best to skip the rinsing!

Myth #2 Fruit Juice Is Better Than Soda

Acids erode enamel, and many fruit juices and energy drinks are just as detrimental to your smile as sugary soda. The healthiest choice remains plain water, which not only supports a healthy smile but also supports a healthy body.

If you do consume a drink that is high in acid, rinse with plain water.

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Wine
  • Energy drinks
  • Soda
  • Juice

As an added benefit, rinsing can reduce stains.

Myth #3 Brush Teeth Immediately After Eating

Brushing teeth immediately following your meal can put your enamel at risk. Your saliva is a great defense when it comes to food particles and waiting 30 minutes after you eat is the best practice.

The acid in food and beverages weakens enamel. Brushing teeth immediately afterwards can prematurely wear away softened enamel.

It’s a lot to remember, but we are here to help. We look forward to being your Monroe, NJ dentist and helping you stay on track with excellent oral health. Give us a call to arrange an appointment! Our knowledgeable team loves seeing new smiles.

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