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3 Ways We Help Treat Children with Dental Anxiety

January 11, 2017
Posted By: Monroe Dental Arts
3 Ways We Help Treat Children with Dental Anxiety | Monroe Dental Arts

At Monroe Dental Arts, we welcome your children to join our dental family, making it easier and more convenient for parents who want a family dentist for everyone. 

Early childhood dental appointments are an important part of your child’s overall health. Dr. Virdee and our entire team make your child’s visit comfortable so that they can develop a positive attitude toward oral health.

Here Are Three Ways We Help Treat Children with Dental Anxiety

1. We avoid scary language.

Children are particularly sensitive to language when it comes to learning about something new. By speaking to your child confidently and gently and avoiding frightening words like hurt, pain, or shot, we can put your little one at ease.

We describe treatment to your child first. Then we show them some of the instruments and devices we will use, allowing your little one to hear the sounds that they can expect during treatment. This can help alleviate their fears and uncertainty.

2. We listen to your child.

Our team is here not only to clean teeth and fill cavities, but also to educate patients of all ages by demonstrating proper oral hygiene techniques and answering questions. We encourage the curious nature of kids!

If your child is showing signs of impatience or feeling uncooperative, we may recommend continuing with treatment on another day so that we do not force treatment your child is not ready for.

3. We entertain kids.

Our team is fun and friendly. When we have the pleasure of welcoming your kids to our office, we have toys and games for their entertainment and make each visit a fun, stress-free experience by keeping their dental appointments lighthearted and positive!

Searching for a children’s dentist in Monroe Township, NJ can place an added strain on your already busy schedule. If you want a dental home where every member of your family can receive high-quality dentistry, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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