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How Dental Cleanings Can Improve Your Oral Health

Nothing beats the awesome, fresh feeling you get after having your teeth cleaned by a professional. If you are overdue for a dental cleaning, contact our Monroe Township, NJ practice Monroe Dental Arts. Dental cleanings don’t just feel great, but they can also improve your oral health.

How Dental Cleanings Can Improve Your Oral Health

Dental Cleanings Can Help Keep Cavities From Forming

Everyone develops plaque on their teeth—regardless of how diligent they are about brushing and flossing. Eventually, the plaque hardens into tartar, and the only way to get rid of it is with unique dental instruments. Plaque is the leading cause of tooth decay, so it’s worth the effort to have your teeth professionally cleaned.

Dental Cleanings Keep Gums Healthy

If you want to protect the health of your teeth, you need to protect the health of your gums. Did you know gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss among adults? Often people have gum disease, and they don’t even know it. By visiting your dentist regularly, for cleanings as well as exams, you enable your dentist to keep an eye on your gum health.

Dental Cleanings Improve Your Overall Health

More and more studies are connecting oral health with systemic health, so keeping your teeth clean can contribute to better overall health.

Dental Cleanings Save You Money

If you are budget conscious—and who isn’t?–keep in mind that the cost of having your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year is much cheaper than any other treatment at the dentist. And if you have insurance, the cost of dental cleanings is usually covered so that it won’t cost you anything.

Call Monroe Dental Arts

Are you overdue for a dental cleaning? Contact our Monroe Township, NJ practice, and we’ll get you in for a dental cleaning—without judgment. Let us help you stay on track with good oral health. Give us a call today!

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