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How to Help Your Child Cope with Dental Anxiety

Kids are so impressionable and often absorb the fears of their parents. Since very small children have never had an experience at the dentist before, they really don’t know what to expect and therefor what to fear.

How to Help Your Child Cope with Dental Anxiety

As a parent, you naturally want to avoid generating unnecessary fear in your kids. Here are a few ways you can promote a positive attitude about dentistry in your children:

Don’t Say Negative Things about Dentistry

Even if you hate making trips to the dentist, saying things like, “I hate the dentist” teaches your kids that the dentist is something to be feared and disliked. At our office, we ensure that kids have a comfortable experience. We make it fun for them to learn and interact with our staff.

We encourage questions and empower children to play a role in their own oral health. Dentists are here to help you protect one of your most valuable assets – your smile.

Get Them Excited!

A first trip to the dentist is a reason to celebrate. Start getting your child excited by saying things like, “This will be so much fun! I can’t believe you’re so big that it’s time for the dentist.”

We will continue this excitement once your little one arrives. Praise, positive reinforcement, and interaction makes this an exciting time for your child. Of course, we also have prizes, something kids always love!

Avoid Scary Words

Saying things like, “I hope you don’t have to have a shot” can really put kids on edge.  We avoid scary terms such as shot, hurt, and drill when your kids come to see us. You can support this by avoiding anything that might scare your child. Since we place such a high priority on patient care and comfort, neither you nor your child have anything to worry about.

If you want a kids dentist in Monroe Township, NJ that makes dentistry a fun experience for kids, we invite you to join our dental practice.

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