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Instilling Positive Dental Habits in Children

At Monroe Dental Arts, we treat families, and this includes family members of all ages. We enjoy meeting children and helping them enjoy healthy and comfortable smiles for life. It has been our experience that good habits start with positive dental health associations. This approach means an engaging dentist and dental team that encourages and educates kids, a group that cares.

Instilling Positive Dental Habits in Children

When caregivers and your child’s dentist in Monroe Township work to make dentistry fun and understandable to children, it goes a long way.

Let’s look at a few ways to instill healthy dental habits in kids.

Bring Your Child to the Dentist

We like to see children around the time of their first tooth. This early intervention allows us to bond with your child and build a trusting relationship.

During these early visits, we count teeth, show your child the various instruments, and make sure that their smiles are on track. We also answer your questions and provide tips for at-home dental care.

Allow Your Child to Choose

Allow your child to select his or her toothbrush and toothpaste—provided that the American Dental Association approves it.

With all the fun character toothbrushes, this step may encourage optimal brushing and flossing. It also gives your child some autonomy when it comes to their oral health.

Provide Encouragement

Your child’s dentist in Monroe Township will always encourage your child and praise his or her brushing habits. It’s important to reiterate this at home.

At Monroe Dental Arts, We Are Here for You

Throughout your child’s smile journey with us, we are always here to answer your questions and share your child’s oral health information. We also provide brushing tips to help you care for your child’s teeth at home.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Exam in Monroe Township

If you’re looking for a compassionate and skilled dental team to care for your child’s smile, we would love to hear from you! Schedule your child’s exam today.

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