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Keeping Your Teeth Pearly White after a Whitening Treatment

A bright, beautiful smile is always in fashion and always looks more youthful. GLO Teeth Whitening takes the modern science of teeth whitening to a whole new level. If you recently opted for this innovative whitening method in our Monroe Township dental office, you probably enjoy your new look and want to keep it that way.

Keeping Your Teeth Pearly White after a Whitening Treatment

Keeping your teeth white after treatment may take some adjustment to your lifestyle and habits, but they are well worth the extra effort.

  • Rinse your mouth after drinking coffee, tea, or red wine
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco use (let us know if you want help to quit)
  • Brush teeth after eating staining foods like blueberries, curry, or kale
  • Consider touching up your teeth if you notice they are collecting stains

Fortunately for our patients, when you opt for GLO Teeth Whitening in our Monroe Township dental office, you will also receive your own GLO kit to take home. It is the same one that we use in our office so it will give you excellent results.

Teeth are particularly prone to re-staining in the days following your treatment because the teeth are slightly dehydrated. Drinking staining beverages through a straw will help to bypass the front teeth that are visible when you smile.

You will also notice that your teeth look brighter right after your dental cleaning because surface stains get polished away, which is why we recommend that you get started with one before you start whitening your teeth. Removing tartar just before you begin whitening will ensure brighter and more uniform results since nothing will come between your teeth and your whitening gel.

To learn more about GLO Science Teeth Whitening in Monroe Township, give us a call! Teeth whitening is easy and something that you can do before or after work, or even on your lunch break.

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