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What Are the Most Common Conditions Treated with Orthodontics?

When patients think of orthodontics, they often consider straightening their teeth as a purely cosmetic procedure. Often, however, misaligned teeth can negatively impact your oral health by causing pain or sensitivity from a misaligned bite, decay because of overlapping teeth, and even difficulty speaking or eating properly. Of course, a straight smile is often more attractive, too!

What Are the Most Common Conditions Treated with Orthodontics?

We are a family practice, but we also offer orthodontics in our Monroe Township, NJ dental office. Here are some of the most common conditions we treat using Invisalign:

Closing gaps between teeth

Teeth with large gaps can impact how you feel about the way you look and make it difficult to speak properly. By aligning teeth and closing gaps, you can enjoy greater confidence when it comes to your smile.

Correcting overlapping or overcrowded teeth

Overlapping teeth can be susceptible to decay because they are more difficult to keep clean. If you need a dental restoration, placing one on misaligned teeth can pose a challenge. A straight smile is easier to keep healthy!

Addressing the problem of overbites or underbites

An overbite (bucked teeth) or an underbite (like a bulldog) can make it difficult to eat, but can also lead to jaw problems down the road. When your bite does not come together properly, your jaw will often overcompensate to adjust and this added pressure can lead to degeneration.

Improving appearance for a straight, beautiful smile

Even if your teeth and bite are completely healthy, you may just want a straight smile. We can help by offering Invisalign as an alternative to bracket-and-wire orthodontics. Many of our patients appreciate this option because your Invisalign aligners will not be noticeable when you speak, smile, or laugh. You can remove them to clean your teeth and eat, making oral hygiene easy.

If you have questions about orthodontics in Monroe Township, NJ, contact Monroe Dental Arts to learn more about Invisalign.

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