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What to Expect from Dental Implants

All dentistry is an investment in you, so you may be wondering what to expect when you decide on advanced treatment, like dental implants.

What to Expect from Dental Implants

At our Monroe Township, NJ dental office, we will explain not only your treatment in full, but also what results you can expect once treatment is complete and how to best care for your dentistry. We invite curious patients to call us with questions because we believe that having all the information possible allows you to make a better choice.

Dental Implant Treatment

When telling patients what to expect with their new dental implants, the answer is easy – dental implants are the closest thing to having your natural tooth back again!

Dental implants were designed with the singular intention of mimicking your natural tooth in every way possible. The dental implant post is like your tooth’s root, the abutment is like your tooth structure, and your implant crown mimics both the function and appearance of your tooth.

Because dental implants integrate with your bone, you never have to worry about limiting yourself to soft foods or about your dentistry moving around at the wrong time. Dental implants stay put – and you can chew on them.

Each dental implant crown is a miniature work of art. We closely examine your adjacent and opposing teeth to ensure that the color, shading, and hue all match your smile. The porcelain we use is durable and has a translucent look like a natural tooth, so no one will even know you have a dental implant unless you are so excited that you tell them!

The best way to learn about dental implants is to give our Monroe Township, NJ dental office a call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Virdee. She can describe in detail what this life-changing treatment can do for you.

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