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Why a Dentist for the Whole Family Is Better

We recommend a single dental office to treat your entire family. The reasons for this are many, but we have to be honest and admit that we also love treating families.

Why a Dentist for the Whole Family Is Better

Our top Monroe Township, NJ dentist has experience across every age group, and she knows how to treat age-specific dental issues as a result.

Let’s explore a few reasons why a family dentist is ideal.

Medical Records in One Location and Genetic Patterns Recognized

When your entire family sees the same dentist, your family’s medical records are kept in a single location. This makes it easier for our dentist to note jaw structures or other unique dental issues that might run in your family—jaw overcrowding, for example. This means our dentist can take proactive measures to stave off potential problems.

Your Child Keeps His or Her Dentist

When your child sees a family dentist who is also a children’s dentist, this means your child does not have to change dentists in later years. This helps create a trusting bond between dentist and patient that is built on longevity.

Our Monroe Dental Arts Family Pledge

At Monroe Dental Arts, we make each member of your family feel at home. In fact, we’ll treat your family like our family.

We also encourage healthy oral hygiene habits and take our time with patients, including children, to make sure everyone is relaxed and comfortable. This includes being available to answer questions and address concerns.

Additionally, we will utilize the best technologies and preventative dental care treatments and procedures to help your entire family realize healthy teeth across the years.

Schedule All Your Family’s Dental Visits with Us

If you have any questions or would like to schedule exams for yourself and your family members, contact our Monroe Township, NJ dental office today. We look forward to welcoming your family into ours!

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