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Why Do I Need a Filling?

Dental fillings are one of the most common procedures today. Tooth decay is a normal occurrence for many people, and fillings are the treatment used to treat the less severe stages of decay.

Why Do I Need a Filling?

Tooth Decay and Fillings

Some people are more likely to experience tooth decay based on their diet, and even their genes. However, one of the ways to get a higher risk of cavities is to miss your regular dental appointments, or not keeping up with your at-home care. Simply put, you can't do everything needed to stay healthy at home, and your regular cleanings and exams help to prevent any issues from forming.

Tooth decay occurs when sugars on the teeth are not properly cleaned, and acid forms. The acid wears away the protective layer of enamel on the teeth, and then begins to wear away at the teeth themselves.

If tooth decay goes untreated, it can become more severe, reaching the inner areas of your tooth. Once the cavity has become too large to fill, it's common for patients to experience pain in that area, sometimes causing headaches. At this point, a filling can no longer be used to treat the tooth, and root canal procedure will have to be completed. So, getting your fillings done for any cavities as soon as possible can save you a lot of pain, and a considerably more expensive procedure in the long run. Even though visiting the dentist may not be the most fun thing you can do, it's extremely important for your health!

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If you haven't visited the dentist in a while, or if you simply want to consult about the condition of your teeth, don't hesitate to contact our office today for more information. Our entire team of dental professionals has the experience to make any dental procedure that you may need easy, and comfortable. Our staff is always happy to answer any questions that you may have, and we can get you scheduled for an appointment with the dentist right away. We look forward to helping you gain a healthy, happy smile!

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