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Why Patients Request a Full or Partial Denture

Often patients want an affordable and reliable solution for multiple missing teeth. Dental implants are a great and stable option, but they will not work for every patient or every budget. In cases where patients need an alternative to dental implants, dentures are often a consideration.

Why Patients Request a Full or Partial Denture

We offer esthetic and comfortable dentures here in our Monroe Township, NJ dental office for patients wishing to complete their smiles and be able to eat the foods they love. Properly created dentures can improve self-confidence and your nutritional options.

Complete (Full) Dentures for Patients with Missing Teeth

If you are facing full mouth extractions or have difficulty with old or ill-fitting dentures, contact Monroe Dental Arts to set up an evaluation with Dr. Simran Virdee. She has a great track record when it comes to creating dentures that look and feel great for our patients.

Esthetics – Because we create both the upper and lower denture, we can discuss the esthetics of your new smile and help you choose a natural and attractive look for your facial features.

Implant-retained dentures – If you struggle with dentures because of bone loss or a small bony ridge, we may be able to anchor your denture using dental implants.

Partial Dentures to Complete Patients’ Smiles

We recommend you hold onto your natural teeth as long as they are comfortable and healthy. We can use your existing teeth to anchor a partial denture in place using small metal clasps.

When creating a partial denture, Dr. Virdee will strive to match your partial to your natural teeth for a seamless look. Dr. Virdee will choose a shade and tooth shape that looks similar to your natural teeth.

Contact Us to Schedule a Denture Evaluation

We are happy to answer all your questions about dentures in our Monroe Township, NJ dental office. Give us a call today.

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