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What should you expect after a tooth extraction?

woman smiling in dental chairAfter you complete your tooth extraction in Monroe Township, you can rest assured that your team at Monroe Dental Arts will be here to support you. You can always call us at (609) 662-4406 if you have questions or concerns about your recovery process.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

You will want to give yourself time to rest immediately after your tooth extraction and for a day or two after. It's normal to have some residual bleeding and even some swelling right after your procedure. However, if your bleeding is severe, please contact Monroe Dental Arts right away.

You may want to take some prescription pain medication the first day or two after your extraction procedure to help you relax, rest, and alleviate discomfort. Soft foods are also recommended for the first few days after a tooth extraction. Warm salt water rinses are helpful during this time.

Avoid spitting, smoking, or drinking out of a straw to prevent pulling out the blood clot that should be forming in the extraction site. You can brush your teeth but avoid the extraction site.

Contact Our Monroe Township Dental Clinic

It takes around two weeks for a tooth extraction site to completely heal. Remember, we are here for you during that time. We encourage you to contact your Monroe Township dentist if you have any problems or concerns during your recovery.


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