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What can be fixed with a dental bridge?

Having a missing tooth can lead to feeling self-conscious about the way you look or even make it more difficult for you to eat. At Monroe Dental Arts, we offer tooth-replacement options including the fixed dental bridge.

dental tools near chair in dental officeTooth Replacement Option

Dental bridges are a great option for patients facing dental extractions or who already have a missing tooth. Dental bridges “bridge” the gap in your smile by placing an artificial tooth in the place of the missing tooth. The replacement tooth is attached to two healthy crowned teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile. A dental bridge keeps your teeth from shifting toward the space left by your missing tooth, which is a great way to preserve the integrity of your bite.

Shifting teeth also lead to other problems like exposed roots and misalignment. A dental bridge keeps this process from happening by acting as a placeholder. Bridges also fill in the space from your missing tooth, making your smile complete again.

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Each of the dental bridges we create at our Monroe Township, NJ dental office will match your natural teeth, so no one will notice you have a dental bridge. Keeping your gums around your dental bridge healthy is essential. We can go over ways to get the most out of your dentistry when you come in for your next dental appointment.

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