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What can be fixed with a dental crown?

Dental crowns are versatile, addressing a number of conditions to add stability and comfort to a tooth that has sustained disease or trauma. Crowns can also provide preventive treatment as part of a comprehensive treatment plan or for teeth that are unstable or compromised. 

dental crown processConditions That May Need a Crown

Some of the conditions leading to a dental crown recommendation include:

A broken or fractured tooth – A filling is often not enough to support and protect a broken or fractured tooth. A dental crown completely covers the tooth above the gumline and absorbs some of the force of chewing.

Worn teeth – Teeth that have been exposed to bruxism (clenching and grinding) over a long period of time may have exposed dentin that feels sensitive. A dental crown can restore the size and shape of the tooth.

Root canal teeth – A root canal leaves teeth more brittle, but when combined with a dental crown, you can enjoy the same comfort, function, and stability of your natural tooth.

Cosmetic solutions – Covering an unattractive or dark tooth with a dental crown or veneer can improve the appearance of your smile and add confidence.

Replacing large fillings – Large amalgam fillings might need to be replaced with a dental crown as removing large fillings can leave the tooth unstable.

Teeth with deep decay – If decay goes deep enough, a dental crown may be more suitable for long-term protection.

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