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What does fluoride treatment do?

Preventive treatments that protect teeth from dental issues are a vital part of general dentistry in Monroe Township, NJ. One treatment that falls under this category is fluoride which we apply to teeth. Fluoride treatment combines with your tooth enamel in a process called remineralization, which rebuilds thin and worn enamel to help it resist tooth decay.

At Monroe Dental Arts, we are skilled at providing general dentistry and oral health care for patients of all ages. The primary way we provide general dentistry is through your regular dental visits, where we provide thorough examinations and professional dental cleanings. If our exam reveals dental decay, we may recommend a fluoride treatment to address the problem.

How Does Flouride Treatment Work?

During a fluoride treatment, we will ensure your teeth are prepared, clean, and dry so the treatment will work. Then, one of our dental professionals paints a prescription-strength fluoride gel on all tooth surfaces. The gel must remain on your teeth for up to several minutes, and after your treatment, you should avoid eating, drinking, or smoking.

We can also apply a fluoride treatment to the roots of your teeth. If you suffer from dry mouth, fluoride treatments can help as saliva is instrumental in washing away debris and neutralizing the acids present in some foods and drinks. General dentistry and preventive dental treatments like fluoride can improve your oral health significantly.

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