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What happens if I put off a root canal?

One of the things that most people don’t know about dentistry is that conditions are often silent until they develop into a painful and advanced condition that can lead to a dental emergency. 

Importance of Preventive Dental Care

Putting off dentistry seems tempting because it takes time and money to keep your teeth healthy; unfortunately, it usually leads to greater expense and more time in the chair. Prevention and routine appointments can often prevent oral conditions that put teeth at risk.

Root Canals in Monroe Township

When we recommend root canals in our Monroe Township dental office, it is because we are at the final stage of trying to save a painful, infected tooth. Putting it off can result in severe pain and tooth loss. Since root canals treat an active infection, avoiding proper professional treatment can also cause your overall health to suffer.

Many people put off root canals because they are nervous about the pain. Root canals actually relieve pain and help you save your tooth, which is the most conservative approach to dentistry.

Rather than putting off root canals, contact our Monroe Township dental office, and our experienced and gentle dentists will explain the entire process, taking the fear out of root canal therapy.

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