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Will my root canal hurt?

woman smiling in dental chairMany people think of root canals and automatically think pain. The truth is, that the symptoms caused by the infection in your tooth cause far more pain than the treatment itself. 

Comfortable Dentistry in Monroe 

When you come to our dental office, your comfort is our top priority! We will always make sure you are comfortable during all of your treatment, including root canal therapy!

Having a root canal will feel no more painful than a filling. Once we eliminate the infection from your tooth, your body’s immune system will take over and continue with the healing process. As your tooth heals, you may feel some sensitivity and tenderness, but it will gradually subside over the coming days until your teeth feel normal again.

After you have time to heal, we will check your tooth and make sure the infection is completely eliminated before we move on to the next phase of treatment.

Dental Crown After Root Canal

Once you have root canal therapy in a tooth, it will be more brittle. That is why it is important to reinforce it with the proper restoration. In most cases, a dental crown will be necessary to protect your tooth from day-to-day wear and the forces from chewing. We will create a custom crown that covers the entire structure of your tooth above your gum line.

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