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Do you do root canals?

woman getting dental service in Monroe TownshipHave you ever needed a dental procedure and been handed a slip of paper to visit a specialist you never met? Most patients like to stay where they are comfortable for procedures like root canals.

Gentle Root Canal Treatment

Typically, we can successfully treat root canal problems in the comfort of our Monroe Township dental office. Our patients appreciate the convenience of being able to stay with Dr. H.K. Virdee for their endodontic care.

Root Canal Process

Dr. Virdee is skilled in successful root canal therapies and performs hundreds of them each year to relieve the symptoms of infection from her patients’ teeth. She utilizes an instrument called an engine-driven handpiece that allows Dr. Virdee to perform a more efficient cleaning. She will place additional medication inside your tooth to prevent a reoccurrence of your condition.

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Many people fear root canals because they associate them with pain, but Dr. Virdee is extremely gentle and will make sure you are completely comfortable for your entire procedure. Root canals actually eliminate the pain you experience from the infection inside your tooth, and after a root canal procedure, you should be feeling back to normal within a few days.

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