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How do I get my child ready for the dentist?

Parents play a huge role in the success of their child’s dental appointments. Kids do not have a natural fear of the dentist, but they are little sponges and will pick up on any anxiety you may have. By avoiding scary language or negative comments, you can help your child feel more relaxed for their dentistry.

It’s always good to explain to a child what they can expect. If this is their first dental appointment, we encourage you to help them get excited for this event. You can explain that their dentist is here to take care of them and help them learn about their teeth. Kids are naturally curious, so this will peak their interest.children dentistry | two kids | monroe township nj dentist

Brushing your child’s teeth and explaining that their trip to the dentist will be similar is a good way to warm your little one up to the idea of the dentist. Plus, it’s great for kids to spend that valuable time with you, sharing close contact. Children really respond to mimicking, so you can brush your teeth together!

If you would like more tips about your child’s dental visit, we are here to help. For an experienced children’s dentist in Monroe Township, NJ, contact Monroe Dental Arts today!

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