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Why should I wear a mouthguard?

Your Monroe Township, NJ dentist is determined to keep your teeth and gums safe between dental visits. This is why we create custom mouthguards to keep your smile sheltered from oral injuries during sports or rough play.

teenage boy holding basketball with kids playing basketball behind himIf you compete athletically or work with erratic machinery, a custom mouthguard is an excellent way to lower your injury risks and keep your teeth intact.

A mouthguard can also be worn over braces to help prevent soft tissue injuries, especially in children.

We design our mouthguards in Monroe Township, NJ with safety, comfort, and function in mind.  First, we take custom impressions of your teeth and use the resulting model to create your appliance. Then your dentist trims and smooths until the mouthguard works and fits as it should, creating an excellent buffer between your smile and stray footballs or baseballs. We can also color your mouthguard to represent your team colors.

Get Your Custom Mouthguard in Monroe Township, NJ

We think physical activity is good for you, but we want to protect your smile in the meantime. If you would like to schedule a consultation, or learn more about our safety appliances, reach out to a team member to get started.

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