Crowns and Bridges in Monroe Township, NJ

Some of the most common dental procedures we perform are custom crowns and bridges. Our high-quality dentistry and materials restore your smile's function and beauty. At Monroe Dental Arts, we have solutions for your dental problems, and we can help you get back on track to excellent dental health.

Our goal is to help patients and their families maintain beautiful and healthy smiles for a lifetime. Many of us may go through regular wear-and-tear, aging, tooth decay, or injury that results in a damaged or weakened tooth. Your Monroe Township restorative dentist, Dr. Virdee, can repair or restore a damaged, decayed, fractured, or lost tooth. If your tooth needs extra support or protection, Dr. Virdee can customize a dental crown for you.

Dr. Virdee is dedicated to providing high-quality dental restorations and offering any alternative options when it comes to restoring your smile. Dental crowns or bridges fabricated through Monroe Dental Arts are beautiful restorations that can last for many years.

man in dental chair getting exam before crownsWhy Teeth Can Become Weakened

Enamel is the hardest material in the body, which helps our teeth undergo highly pressurized activities. Our teeth go through the laborious process of grinding and chewing our food daily to aid in digestion. Our teeth also fill out our face, which gives us our unique appearance, they help stimulate bone growth, and they make up our signature smiles.

Your teeth not only serve an essential function in your diet and well-being, but they also can attract others to your smile.

Over time, teeth can become compromised from decay, infection, injury, teeth grinding (bruxism), and more. A weakened or fractured tooth can continue to crack, which could allow harmful bacteria access to inside your tooth all the way to your root. When your tooth needs assistance, we can help protect it with a dental crown.

At our Monroe Township dental office, we often recommend dental crowns or bridges to repair or restore missing teeth. Both options look natural and allow patients to eat comfortably with an attractive smile.

Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns (sometimes called caps) protect your teeth. They become necessary after your tooth has sustained damage or deep decay. If your damaged tooth goes untreated, you may experience pain and tooth loss.

A dental crown works by fitting snugly over your natural tooth structure like a protective helmet, restoring your tooth structure while also protecting the root. The crown absorbs some of the force your jaws exert when chewing, allowing patients to eat, speak, laugh, and smile as usual. Dental crowns also hold your tooth structure together, assisting in the prevention of splitting and breakage.

Your Monroe Township, NJ dentist may recommend a dental crown in these instances:

  • Large cavities that cannot be repaired with a dental filling
  • Badly decayed, fractured, or broken tooth
  • Cover a tooth after root canal treatment
  • Replace an old filling
  • Restore a dental crown that is broken or loose
  • The visible portion of a dental implant

Once your new dental crown is in place, no one will ever know you had a tooth repaired. 

Older man and woman smilingDental Crown Treatment

Dr. H.K. Virdee is experienced at dental crown procedures and enjoys restoring her patients' comfort and health. She creates each dental crown individually for her patients, using the materials that work best and taking into consideration their appearance, function, and longevity. We take into account the shape of your face, your existing teeth, and more to fabricate a beautiful and natural-looking tooth. 

When we do tooth crown treatments, we start by numbing your tooth and making sure you feel completely comfortable. Dr. Virdee is gentle, and our patients always comment on how they didn't feel a thing.

Once you feel completely relaxed, we will begin by prepping your tooth, making room for your crown, and removing any decay or damaged tooth structure. Then, Dr. Virdee will create a temporary crown to hold you over until we receive your permanent one back from the dental lab. Once we have your permanent crown, we will seal it to your natural tooth and make any final adjustments to ensure a comfortable bite.

Dental crowns restore your bite function and ability to eat your favorite foods, so patients can continue to enjoy the things they've always loved. 

The Purpose of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges replace missing teeth by using adjacent teeth as an anchor to hold an artificial tooth in place. Dental bridges require a little extra care so that you can keep them clean and keep your gums infection-free. We will explain how to care for your specific dental bridge at your appointment.

A traditional dental bridge is the most common type and consists of two abutment crowns on your natural teeth adjacent to your missing tooth (or missing teeth). The abutment crowns hold your artificial tooth (or teeth) in place. Bridges come as one unit, and Dr. Virdee will make sure that it fits properly and looks great.

We can provide other types of dental bridges for those people who have only one adjacent tooth as an anchor and for people who need a bridge on their front teeth.

woman smiling Restoring or Replacing a Tooth Is Crucial

Aside from the visible impact a broken or missing tooth has on your appearance, it can also be detrimental to your oral health. A cracked tooth is often more sensitive to temperature and pain than before it was injured. If it becomes difficult to enjoy or chew foods, then your nutrition and peace of mind are impacted.

Every tooth serves an important function, and losing one tooth can throw off the remaining teeth. They may begin to overcompensate for the missing tooth and work in ways they were designed for, which can weaken them and put them at risk for fractures. Teeth also begin to shift towards a gap in the smile, which can affect your bite and cause it to misalign. One missing tooth can be the cause of further tooth loss.

Dr. Virdee's gentle touch through restorative treatments allows patients to regain the use of their teeth and enhance the appearance of their smile. Dental crowns, for example, will allow patients the benefit of a better function along with protection and stability. Our goal at Monroe Dental Arts is to restore your smile and preserve long-term health, function, and beauty.

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You can also read our crowns and bridges FAQs!