Root Canal Therapy in Monroe Township, NJ

woman smiling after root canal therapy in Monroe townshipUnlike many general dental practices, at Monroe Dental Arts, we can perform root canal procedures in our dental office without the need for a referral to a specialist. Dr. H.K. Virdee has the training, equipment, and experience necessary to make root canal procedures go smoothly, painlessly, and quickly. Our patients appreciate having the convenience and continuity of care that we offer.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal refers to a procedure used to eliminate the bacteria and infection from inside your tooth. While root canal therapy has a reputation for being painful, typically the symptoms from your infection are the cause of the pain. In most cases, root canals actually eliminate the infection and relieve your symptoms.

We always do our best to keep you comfortable during your procedure. Dr. Virdee will make sure you are numb before she begins. If you feel nervous, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help you relax. Our team is compassionate and helps our patients to feel calm and at ease.

How Root Canal Therapy Works in Monroe

root canal diagramDr. H.K. Virdee will begin by making a small access route into your tooth so she can clean out any bacteria and other signs of infection from inside your tooth. We make this process easier by using a special handpiece designed for root canals. She will place additional medication inside your tooth, if necessary, and then seal it to prevent reinfection.

Without a root canal, you might lose your tooth and experience unnecessary pain. We will do our best to save your natural teeth whenever possible because losing teeth can cause a number of other problems such as bone loss and issues with your bite. We reserve extractions as a last resort for teeth that we cannot save.

After you have a root canal and finish healing, we may recommend a dental crown in order to help stabilize your tooth. Root canals can make your teeth brittle and more susceptible to breaking. A crown disperses that force and helps to reinforce your tooth structure by placing a protective cover over the top of your tooth.

We will also give you aftercare instructions so that you know how to care for your root canal tooth and what to expect after the procedure. You may experience some sensitivity, but it should subside within a few days. We will follow up with you to make sure that you are healing properly and feeling well.

Call Us for an Evaluation

If you need a root canal or you suspect you have a problem with your tooth, please give us a call and schedule an exam with Dr. H.K. Virdee. She and her team of professionals look forward to restoring your dental health by providing high-quality dentistry in a caring and compassionate environment. Also please refer to our Root Canal Therapy FAQ page.