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5 Ways Tobacco Use Affects Your Oral Health

tobacco use and oral health | monroe township NJ dentist
Anyone who has ever smoked knows that it is a tough habit to break. Not only do people become addicted to the nicotine in tobacco products, but you may also have an emotional or habitual dependence on tobacco and the many additives found in cigarettes or chewing tobacco.Tobacco Use Causes Dry MouthSmoking and chewing tobacco decreases the production of saliva in your mouth, which can increase your chances of developing decay and periodontal disease. Dry mouth also leads to bad breath and feels uncomfortable.Tobacco Use Leads to Gum DiseaseExposure to tobacco smoke or chew can lead to gum disease. When you use tobacco, it decreases saliva production and also exposes ...

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3 Tips for to Care for Veneers

Veneers | Monroe Township NJ
Having a new, beautiful smile is exciting! Now that you have your porcelain veneers, you probably want them to last a long time. Caring for your teeth and dentistry is essential to smile success. We are here to share the best tips and practices for caring for your porcelain veneers.Practice Good Home CareYour investment is important, so don’t let your home care slip. It’s important to practice good oral hygiene in between dental cleanings.Brushing Your TeethIf you are one of those people that quickly passes the toothbrush over your teeth, setting a timer for two minutes might be helpful to ensure your teeth are getting the care they need. If ...

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Have You Fallen for These Oral Health Myths?

Dental Health | Monroe Township NJ Dentist
So many dental myths have lasted throughout the years that it’s hard to know what to believe! If you’re in need of a Monroe, NJ dentist to help you stay healthy and smiling, we welcome you to Monroe Dental Arts, where we always accept new patients.Here are three common oral health myths that many people mistakenly take as truth.Myth #1 Rinse Teeth Immediately After BrushingIt’s part of the routine, right? Brush teeth and then follow with a thorough rinse to top it off. Unfortunately, this could be counteracting the positive effects of using fluoride toothpaste.Rinsing immediately after brushing your teeth rinses away fluoride. It’s best to skip the rinsing!Myth #2 ...

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Considering Skipping a Dental Checkup? Here's What Could Happen

Dental Exam and Cleaning | Monroe Township NJ Dentist
It could be tempting to put off your next dental appointment because of busy schedules, limited funds, or because you have avoided dental appointments and feel embarrassed about your oral health.Skipping dental appointments may lead to some serious consequences.Risking More Complex TreatmentsPostponing routine dental appointments allows small dental conditions to develop into big ones. Since most oral health conditions are silent and do not show symptoms until they are well advanced, you might not be aware that anything is happening.A small filling could lead to an infected tooth and root canal therapy in the future. Routine dental x-rays and exams help us stay on top of changes in your oral ...

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New Findings on Cavities in Children

Cavities in Children | Monroe Dental Arts | Monroe Township NJ
For some time, researchers have known that cavities and periodontal disease can run in families. The bacteria that cause both can be passed by kissing, sharing utensils, and other transferrable methods common in day-to-day life.Dentists have known this for a long time because some families are more prone to certain conditions. At first, this could be explained away because habits usually run in families, as well, but more research shows that families actually do share microbes – both good and bad.A University of Alabama study showed that 72 percent of kids shared microbes with kids that did not live in their own households.What Does This Mean for Your Kids?Essentially, bacteria ...

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New Study Shows Link between Gum Disease and Cancer in Women

Gum Disease and Cancer | Monroe Dental Arts
It seems like with each passing week, researchers uncover more links between gum disease and other health conditions. The latest research warns women that gum disease and certain types of cancer also have a link, especially as women age.While more men suffer from gum disease than women, adult women have significant periodontal disease as well – nearly 40 percent for Americans. The risk for cancer rises as women age and can result in a slew of health issues that shorten life or dramatically impact the quality of life.Some of the cancers named in the study include:Esophageal cancerBreast cancerGallbladder cancerAs women near the age of 65, these risks increase.For family dentistry ...

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What Causes Mouth Ulcers

Mouth Ulcers | Monroe Township NJ
If you have ever had a mouth ulcer, you know it is nearly impossible to ignore because they can feel quite raw and painful. Eating can exacerbate the symptoms, especially when consuming spicy or salty foods.While the ultimate cause of ulcers is unknown, certain exposures can increase the likelihood of developing them.Ulcer-Causing Food CulpritsCertain foods can cause the development of ulcers under the right circumstances.Spicy foodAcidic fruits and drinksSalty foodsIf you have an active ulcer, it is best to avoid these foods until it goes away.Medical Conditions Causing UlcersCertain medical conditions and medicines can increase the chance of developing an ulcer. Dry mouth often contributes to ulcers and ...

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