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A Crown or Bridge – Which Do You Need?

It is always our goal to provide patients with the precise kind of dentistry that will give them the best oral health possible. So many choices can sometimes lead to confusion for our patients, however. Our Monroe, NJ dental team is here to help!

A Crown or Bridge – Which Do You Need?

When it comes to deciding between a dental crown or bridge, Dr. Har Simran Virdee is here to answer each of your questions and provide a recommendation to give you a comfortable, beautiful smile.

When a Dental Bridge Is Appropriate

A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth. When possible, we use crowns to protect damaged teeth here in our Monroe, NJ dental office. That is because saving your natural teeth is usually more affordable and less invasive then having to replace a missing tooth.

With a dental bridge, we place esthetic dental crowns on two healthy adjacent teeth and secure a third crown into the gap in your smile. This crown does not have tooth structure beneath it, so taking special care with it is important. Clean it thoroughly, even underneath, and avoid hard or chewy foods that could break your bridge.

When Choosing a Dental Crown Is a Better Option

If your tooth is broken or has deep decay but is still viable, Dr. Virdee may recommend a dental crown. Each dental crown we design will match your smile in both shade and shape so it doesn’t stand out. Because a dental crown preserves your tooth structure, it is the healthier choice.

Of course, severe damage means that we need to remove your tooth. That is when Dr. Virdee will recommend a fixed dental bridge, dental implant, or partial denture instead.

The best way to find out which treatment will give you the best results is to give us a call. Our patients love the results they achieve at Monroe Dental Arts!

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