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Do I Really Need a Dental Crown? Questions to Ask before You Decide

There’s a good reason why your dentist recommended a dental crown. But it’s right that you should ask questions about why it’s necessary and any other options you might have.

Sometimes the need for a dental crown is obvious; you broke off a large chunk of a tooth, for example, and now, you can’t bite down on it. But if the reason’s not so obvious, don’t be afraid to ask your dentist for more information before you decide if dental crowns in Monroe Township, NJ are right for you.

Do I Really Need a Dental Crown? Questions to Ask Your Dentist before You Decide

Ask Your Dentist to Show You the Problem

You have a right to understand why your dentist recommends a dental crown in your case. To help you, dentists today use leading-edge dental technology to inform and educate patients like you.

Intraoral cameras light up the inside of your mouth and capture real-time images, and your dentist explains them to you as they appear on your chairside monitor. Digital x-rays show you the inside of the damaged tooth and give you and your dentist a complete picture of the extent of the problem.

Ask How a Dental Crown Will Benefit You

Dentists typically recommend dental crowns when a tooth is decayed, broken, or weakened, and requires more support and protection than a dental filling provides. Ask why your dentist recommends a crown for you in this case and how the investment will benefit your long-term oral health.

Ask about Other Treatment Options

Your Monroe Township dentist wants the best for you, and you have the right to know if a more conservative treatment like a tooth filling would be appropriate.

The rule of thumb is that damage that compromises 2/3 of the tooth or more requires the strength, protection, and structure that a dental crown provides.

If you’re tempted to postpone treatment, be sure that you understand the possible consequences, including the need in the future for more involved procedures like a root canal to save the tooth.

Need More Information about Dental Crowns in Monroe?

At Monroe Dental Arts, Dr. H.K. Virdee wants you to feel informed and confident when you make decisions about treatments like dental crowns in Monroe Township, NJ.

If you have a decayed, damaged, or broken tooth and think you might need a crown, please call Dr. Virdee to schedule an appointment.

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