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Custom Mouthguards

Most dental emergencies happen when playing sports or doing other outdoor activities. This is often because people are not using the appropriate form of protection to avoid damage to the teeth and mouth. Though most sports require the use of a mouth guard, store-bought mouthguards may not be providing enough protection to stop trauma-caused tooth loss and breakage. This is why at Monroe Dental Art we offer custom mouthguards to ensure that teeth are protected during these rough activities.

Custom Mouthguards

Why Custom Mouth Guards?

  1. They won’t fall out - Store-bought mouth guards offer your teeth some protection when hit in the mouth, but because they are not fitted properly, they can come loose or fall out when needed most. When the mouthguard is custom made to fit your mouth it will be more secure and efficient at preventing tooth loss and gum laceration.
  2. They are more comfortable – Most mouthguards are made of bulky, stiff materials that are uncomfortable to wear and take up all the room in your mouth. This is because they are often a “one size fits all” type of product. Our mouthguards are made to fit your mouth and will have smoother, less bulky edges so they can be worn comfortably for hours.
  3. They can fit over braces – It can be hard to find a mouth guard that will fit over braces without adding more bulk. Braces already take up a lot of room in your mouth without having to purchase a larger mouth guard to fit over them. Since we take impressions of your teeth, they will fit snugly over your braces without being bulky and we can make new ones as your teeth shift and move so you will always have the best fit.

Protect Your Teeth at our Monroe Township Dental Office

Protecting your teeth from trauma during sports is a lot more beneficial to your oral health than repairing them after they have already been damaged. If you are in the Monroe Township, NJ area and would like to know more about our custom mouthguards, please contact our office for more information.

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