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Dentures vs Dental Bridges – Which Is Best for You?

Modern life takes a toll on people’s teeth in Monroe Township, NJ, to such an extent that by the time most Americans have reached fifty, they’ve lost an average of ten teeth. So you can see that losing a tooth or two is not some aberration but a common occurrence that the dental team at Monroe Dental Arts is ready to address.

Our dentists offer two prevailing forms of teeth replacements: dentures and dental bridges. The best option for you depends greatly on the number and location of lost teeth. One of our main aims is to advise you on the tooth replacement appliance that will best help you reach your smile goals.

Dentures vs Dental Bridges – Which Is Best for You?

Dental Bridges Replace One or Two Teeth

A dental bridge is most appropriate when the teeth you’re missing have intact teeth on either side. We start by reinforcing these supporting teeth with special dental crowns called abutments. Then we add one or more artificial teeth in between to complete your replacement which then acts as a single unit fixed in your mouth.

Dr. Virdee may recommend a dental bridge if you’re a good candidate, which means you have:

  • No periodontal or gum infections
  • Missing teeth that are adjoining
  • At least one healthy supporting tooth

We Provide Many Varieties of Dentures

A distinguishing feature of dentures, when compared to dental bridges, is removability. Available as both partial and complete replacements, dentures are popular for more extensive replacements, where in some cases, you’ve lost every tooth on the top or bottom of your mouth.

We can work with you to design a denture that meets your unique needs, which may be an ideal tooth replacement for you if:

  • You’re missing a large number of teeth.
  • Your remaining natural teeth aren’t healthy enough to support a dental bridge.
  • You want the convenience of a removable appliance.

Teeth Replacement and Restorative Dentistry in Monroe Township, NJ

Whether you choose a dental bridge or a partial or complete denture, you’re already on the right track because replacing missing teeth is a health care priority. You’ll eat better, look better and feel better with a tooth replacement option from Monroe Dental Arts.

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