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How Alcohol, Caffeine, Tobacco, and Drug Use Relate to Sleep Bruxism

How Alcohol, Caffeine, Tobacco, and Drug Use Relate to Sleep Bruxism

Do you wake up feeling tired, experiencing headaches, or even coping with an achy jaw?

You may suffer from a common condition known as sleep bruxism, or clenching and grinding your teeth during sleep. Your jaws exert an enormous amount of pressure, and the act of teeth grinding can seriously damage your oral health.

Millions of Americans suffer from sleep bruxism at different times throughout their lifetimes. For some people, clenching and grinding their teeth can be a lifelong struggle. Nightguards can certainly provide relief and help to protect your teeth from fractures caused by tooth-to-tooth contact.

What if you could help relieve some of your symptoms by adjusting a few lifestyle habits?

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association reported research in regards to alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and drug use and their relationships to sleep bruxism. The study reports evidence that alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine use promotes the presence of sleep bruxism, making the condition worse. The results regarding drug abuse were inconclusive. You can review the information here.

Another condition called TMJ or TMD refers to problems of the jaw joint. Symptoms of this joint disorder can include headaches, migraines, facial pain, neck pain, and popping jaw joints. Bruxism can often negatively impact the health of your jaw joints, and treatment is often non-invasive while effectively relieving symptoms.

If you suffer from sleep bruxism, treatment can protect your jaw joints and teeth. If you would like to find a dentist in Monroe Township, NJ who can create a custom nightguard, provide you with advice, and help you achieve a more comfortable smile, please give us a call. Dr. Virdee and our entire team welcome you to our practice!

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