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Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Not every wisdom tooth is a problem. Some patients can keep their wisdom teeth their entire lives! If you are wondering about wisdom tooth extractions in Monroe Township, NJ, you should consider these signs that your wisdom teeth may need to be removed.

Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Your Wisdom Teeth Hurt

If you feel like your wisdom teeth hurt, this could be a sign that they are trying to erupt, but do not have enough room to successfully come through your gums. This can place pressure on your other molars and make them painful! We can take an x-ray to determine if this is the case. If so, removing your wisdom teeth will often solve your painful tooth.

Your Teeth Are Crowded

In order for you to keep your wisdom teeth, you will need to have enough room to be able to accommodate them! If your teeth are already overcrowded or overlapping, your wisdom teeth might complicate the issue even further. An exam with Dr. Virdee can determine if your wisdom teeth get to stay or if you would be healthier for having them extracted.

You Can't St

It’s tough to keep those teeth clean way back there in the back of your mouth! We can try working with you to improve your home care, or even place dental sealants on your teeth. If decay continues to be a problem, however, having an extraction might be the option that works best. Let’s talk about it and what your preferences are and then make a decision that works for you!

You Just Don't Want to Have Surgery

We can understand if you do not want to have your tooth extracted! Dr. Virdee is gentle, however, and will make sure the procedure goes smoothly! Talk to her about your concerns so that you can make a great decision for your oral health.

Extractions in Monroe Township NJ

For more information on wisdom tooth extractions in Monroe Township, NJ, give us a call!

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