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5 Tips for Comfortable Oral Surgery Recovery

We offer some oral surgery services here in our Monroe, NJ dental office, including dental implant placement, bone grafting, and extractions.

5 Tips for Comfortable Oral Surgery Recovery

If you have recently had an oral surgery procedure, you may have some questions about what to expect and how to promote healthy recovery. If you have a specific question about surgical aftercare, give us a call because we want to help. Otherwise, here are a few guidelines that will help you recover fast:

1. Don’t smoke cigarettes or drink through a straw.

When you have an extraction, it will begin to heal very quickly. In most cases, a blood clot will form, just like with any wound, scrape, or cut. This process seals off the surgical area and allows it to heal properly. When you smoke cigarettes or drink through a straw, you may dislodge the healing tissue and experience a painful condition known as dry socket.

The healing process can also experience disruption if you clean the surgical site too vigorously. Never use a Waterpik or similar device to clean an oral surgery site.

2. Gently clean the surgical area.

You can gently rinse the surgical site with warm water to clear away any debris, but avoid brushing or flossing directly in the area until we make sure you are ready for more rigorous cleaning.

3. Avoid chewing on a fresh surgical site.

Within a few days, you will probably want to start eating solid foods again. If you feel comfortable, this should be fine. It is important to avoid chewing directly on the area or eating certain foods that require you to open your mouth too wide for comfort or that have small seeds that could irritate your surgical site.

4. Take any post-surgery medication recommended by your dentist.

We only prescribe medication when necessary. Following the instructions exactly will help you heal more efficiently and effectively.

5. Come in for your follow-up appointments.

Even though you will feel significantly better in just a few days to a week, coming in for your follow-up exam is important so that Dr. Virdee can make sure you are healing properly.

If you require oral surgery in Monroe Township, NJ or the surrounding areas, give Monroe Dental Arts a call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Virdee.

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