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Avoid These Actions Prior to Tooth Extraction for a Smooth Procedure

If you're scheduled for tooth extractions, there are specific things you should not do beforehand to promote a successful outcome. And in some cases, your dentist will provide custom instructions based on your unique case.

Below are a few tips (or things you should avoid) before tooth extractions in Monroe Township, NJ.

#1 Avoid Smoking in All Forms

Smoking interferes with healing and clotting. Therefore, you should avoid tobacco use on the day of your dental extractions.

#2 Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol can interfere with sedation and anesthesia. Additionally, it's important to be coherent during your dental appointment.

#3 Avoid Eating Immediately before Extractions

Some people are sensitive to anesthesia, and eating with anesthesia may lead to nausea.

#4 Avoid Dismissing Your Dentist's Instructions

If your dentist provides specific instructions, it's essential to follow them and always call our dental office for clarity if needed.

#5 Avoid Complications by Letting Us Know if You're Not Feeling Well

If you have a cold or feel you're coming down with a virus, it's important to let us know as soon as possible.

Reasons You Might Need Tooth Extractions in Monroe Township, NJ

Avoid These Actions Prior to Tooth Extraction for a Smooth Procedure

Your dentist recommends extractions for several reasons, including troublesome wisdom teeth that may cause harm to needed teeth. Additionally, we extract if a tooth is too damaged to save with a dental crown. For the latter, we can talk to you about tooth replacement options like dental implants.

Other reasons for extraction may include before dentures, due to overcrowding, or before orthodontics.

Contact Your Monroe Township, NJ, Dentist

We encourage you to consult the dentist if you have a damaged tooth or wisdom teeth causing you pain. And always give us a call if you have any questions.

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