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Dental Surgeries Offered at Monroe Dental Arts

Look no further if you’re looking for gentle dental surgery in Monroe, NJ. Our team has experience providing comfortable dental surgeries in a relaxing environment. In addition, we thoroughly and gently numb the surgical area, so you’ll not feel pain or discomfort.

Dental Surgeries Offered at Monroe Dental Arts

Dental Surgeries We Offer

Dental surgery can seem daunting, but with the right team by your side, treatment can improve your oral health, mitigate discomfort, and restore your smile.

#1 Dental Implant Surgery

Missing teeth make daily life a challenge, affecting everything from confidence to chewing ability. Unfortunately, missing teeth also impact your oral health.

Dental implants in Monroe, NJ, are the best solution to missing teeth. They replace the complete anatomy of lost teeth, including the root. This helps with jawbone viability and tooth migration and reduces your risks for future oral health complications.

Dental implant surgery involves implanting the tooth root into the jaw for a future tooth cap or restoration.

#2 Bone Grafting Surgery

For patients seeking dental implants, there can be obstacles along the way, including bone loss. When your jawbone is not viable, it makes dental implants difficult or impossible. Fortunately, we offer bone grafting surgery to help make you a better candidate for dental implant technology.

Bone grafting is a way to rebuild bone through donation, laboratory sources, or via bovine.

#3 Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions may be straightforward or surgical depending on what your Monroe, NJ dentist finds on x-ray and through a dental exam. Surgical x-rays, including for wisdom tooth extraction, are image-guided for best results.

Surgical tooth extractions are performed under anesthesia for your comfort. And recovery time is typically short.

After Dental Surgery in Monroe, NJ

After your dental surgery, your dentist provides specific instructions for aftercare. Typical notes include not smoking for a day or two, at least, and keeping the site clean.

We provide more detailed instructions based on your case and are always here if you have questions.

Gentle Dental Surgery Near Me

If you have a damaged tooth that may need an extraction or are considering dental implants, contact our dental office to arrange a friendly consultation with our skilled team.

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