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3 Reasons Why People Choose a Dental Bridge

February 16, 2017
Posted By: Monroe Dental Arts
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Are you considering a dental bridge? Here are some reasons why patients choose them over other options:

Reason #1 – Every Patient Is Different

At Monroe Dental Arts, we believe in providing our patients with options because every patient is different and has different needs. While dental implants may work for one patient, another may not want to wait six months to complete treatment.

Our role is to provide you with all the information and leave the decision making for you.

Reason #2 – Dental Implants May Not Work for Some Patients

Dental implants do provide a great option to replace a missing tooth, but patients who take certain medications, are heavy smokers, or have significant bone loss may require a different option. Offering dental bridges in our Monroe Township, NJ dental office allows every patient to have an option for a complete smile again.

We understand that a gap in your smile can make you feel self-conscious, but it can also make it difficult to eat, speak, and drink properly. Dr. Virdee will work with you to improve your oral health and appearance so that you feel great about your smile.

Reason #3 – Dental Bridges Are Tried-and-True Dentistry

Modern dentistry uses the very best materials and techniques around, providing patients with great results. Today’s dental bridges are durable, reliable, and look completely natural, so no one will ever even notice that you have a dental bridge.

Our team focuses on health and will discuss ways that you can take care of your dentistry to get the most out of it! Dental bridges require a little special care, and some dental brushes or floss threaders will make your job easier. Dr. Virdee can go over the best practices for caring for your new dental bridge so that it lasts a long time.

If you have a dental extraction scheduled, give us a call to discuss your options. By addressing tooth-replacement prior to your surgery, we can limit the amount of time you have a missing tooth.

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